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Sonic the Hedgehog Zephyr (tentative title for my fanfic) Character List 3:

This list contains bios on the other characters that are to appear in the very early arcs:

Amy Rose:
Born and raised in the City of Sanquility, Amy is a young pink female hedgehog who once lived in a home where she was raised to be a Child of Scars by a mean man called Kahn Pennington and his daughter, Sara Pennington. Fortunately, she was liberated from the home by a friendly group of underground crime fighters. Since then, she has run into the Winter Island Heroes and come face to face with the H.o.R.R.O.R. army. When she used to live at the home, she had a unique weapon built for her, the Variety Staff, which is a swiss army knife that, when twisted, turns into weapons like an axe, a grappling hook, a laser gun and a slingshot, which she uses for firing Sanquilian Stalacs (piercing iron projectiles), crafted by Amy's old friend at the home, Michael Fleetfeet, and kept in compartments on her golden belt. When the escape came, she took this weapon with her, along with Michael and their other friend. For personality, Amy is a tomboy who is always looking for intense action in the outside world, she's decisive, and she's humble. But she's sometimes excitable, which makes her hard to control when she meets someone she knows she's going to like, she's sort of a prankster who likes to play jokes on people for a chuckle, and whenever she meets a boy of her species who is around her age (the only one so far that she has ever been so close to is Sonic), she falls madly in love and doesn't check to see whether or not they're already in a relationship. But despite being a little bit of an annoyance, she is always welcome to lend a hand with her decisiveness and her trusty Variety Staff. Also, like Sonic and Tails, she likes to snack on chili dogs every now and then.

Michael Fleetfeet:
A young mouse who originated from Westside Island's Mouse Colony in Mystic Cave, Michael ran away at a young age because of his fellow mice treating him like a slave, like someone who just existed to work his backbone to death. He eventually ended up in a home in the City of Sanquility, where the mean Kahn Pennington, and his daughter, Sara, trained and raised Michael to be a Child of Scars, along with Amy Rose and Madonna Dhole. Thankfully, underground cops helped the three get away from the home and they were sent to Westside Island. Upon meeting the Winter Island Heroes and getting a chance to fight with a fracture of Robotnik's forces, Michael was reluctant to let him and Amy get involved with the big war at first, but Amy and Madonna manage to persuade him when they ask him if he'd rather be ridiculed amongst Mobians (especially his fellow mice). Michael is gentle, confident in his abilities to succeed, he is an expert weapons maker and user, and he always looks out for his close friends, Amy and Madonna. Though half the time, he can worry too much about his allies, always unsure if they can handle the situation at hand, he's a chatterbox when he talks about things he made (like Amy's Sanquilian Stalacs), and he's jumpy at anytime he's in an unsettling predicament. No matter how much he chatters on or leaps with ease, though, Amy is always proud to have a friend in Michael. Michael's main weapon is a naginata with a blade that he crafted from the same iron he used to make the Sanquilian Stalacs. Michael has an interest in Amy that he doesn't like to discuss.

Madonna Dhole:
A young teenaged dhole girl who lived with the dhole clan that resides in the Turquiose Forest regions. She was chosen to follow in the footsteps of her bloodline ancestors as the next Healer, but Robotnik invaded the Turquoise Forest and turned the other dholes into Badniks. Madonna escape with her life, and used the forest's secret hill interior tunnel system to run away until she ended up in Sanquility, where she decided to hide out in the home of Kahn Pennington and Sara Pennington (where she met Amy and Michael for the first time) by her own will. She became friends with the two after learning of Michael's knack for weapon crafting and Amy's handling of the Variety Staff, while Kahn tried to make Madonna (along with Amy and Michael) into a Child of Scars. Madonna managed to secretly disable Kahn's Unlimited Viewer and take Sara's Sais before the day of the escape, and she, Amy and Michael were liberated from the home, and the three of them migrated to Westside Island, where they would run into Sonic and friends and Robotnik's minions. Madonna, being the oldest of the team of her, Amy and Michael, shows high responsibility, she's rigorous, and she doesn't take abuse or insults from nobody. Since she was supposed to be the next Healer, she has advanced skills in medical care. Her main problems are that she tends to takes some things a little too seriously for her own good, she's almost more harsh and strict than necessary, and she blames most mistakes on herself. But she is honest about her flaws and wishes to be always useful and do whatever is right to assure a happier future for Sonic and Pals and the other good people of Earth. The sais that she stole from the home are her weapons of choice.

Tommy is an artificial intelligence made by Robotnik to take on the appearance of a Mobian turtle. He powers a virtual universe within the giant Mobian-powered super computer he is built in. When Rockbottom Raptor, Grimy Goat and Camelot Camel kidnap Tails, he is trapped in Tommy's world to be absorbed by the data butterflies that roam the digital world made of 1s and 0s. While Tails proves his heroic prowess to the data butterflies, Tommy gradually grows a respect for the two-tailed hero that he wished not to have in fear of facing Robotnik's wrath. Tommy has the power to take on two forms. A giant face only form that towers over the virtual reality that he holds in the organic battery powered supercomputer, and a small full-body form where can transform his body into different shapes to supply himself with a variety of weapons and powers and teleport around his world. When Tails comes forth to the top of the virtual universe to face Tommy head on, a flaw in the supercomputer's organic battery which Robotnik overlooked in the past starts to become clear, and Tommy gains a whole new behavior and an alteration on his view of life, realizing that there's more to his programming than meets the eye. Tommy is polite, intelligent, quiet, and usually modest, but he can be restless and under some circumstances, twitchy. More info on him when the fanfic is made.

Coffee the Blue Robotic Rabbit:
Once a rabbit who was anxiously awaiting the birth of his daughter, but was captured by Robotnik and injected with a roboticizing ray, making him an evil robot working under the orders of Dr. Robotnik. Coffee is another robot commander, but he's different, as he has control over a unique army of Badniks, which are built off the image of mythical creatures and are powered by tainted Golden Rings. Even though Coffee is the most reliable of Robotnik's commanders, he is much less villainous than the others. He isn't merciless, he doesn't try to win through cheap shots, he doesn't have an inflated ego, and he admires the prowess of his enemies, the Winter Island Heroes, and any enemies of Robotnik who fight off his evil forces from time to time. But this isn't to say he isn't mean. He will insult anyone who doesn't give him an entertaining fight, and he wishes to leave the field of battle after having a challenge. He also has a tendency to insult the other robot generals, with remarks like "Blubber Bolts" for Ball Hog, "Pin Feathers" for Winglock and "Shiny Scales" for Redz. He is willing to please Robotnik and can take whatever abuse that the doctor will throw at him. Sometimes, he may temporarily leave his post and work independently, with another villainous group, or even with Sonic and friends, though mainly for his own reasons, or just to save the necks of his allies. When it comes to his fellow robotic commanders, Winglock has the most respect for him and doesn't care much for his insults, Ball Hog feels that Coffee is a "waste of scraps", and Redz trusts him to a degree, but to another degree, he questions Coffee's motivations. Like Robotnik, Coffee won't see anything as a legitimately threat until he's proven otherwise. Coffee commands the Mythical Beast Badnik Squad, and sometimes, he leads a gang of criminals when working off his usual post.
Here's the third list of characters that are planned to appear in my planned Sonic fanfic, and again, I may change the title when I think up something better.

This contains a certain pink hedgehog, an OC based off an obscure animal friend from Sonic 2, a Mobian OC based off a scrapped character from the first Sonic game, my alternate version of a familiar face from the Archie Comics and an OC from an earlier drawing I did.

So, already i'm bringing in someone related to a certain young rabbit who can fly. Oh well, I wanted to have a rabbit character somewhere in the earlier arcs.

Amy Rose is (c) Sonic Team and Sega.
Michael Fleetfeet is my idea which is based off the mouse animal friend which is (c) Sonic Team and Sega.
Madonna Dhole is my idea which is based off of the scrapped human character Madonna who is (c) Sonic Team and Sega.
Tommy Turtle is (c) Archie Comics and Sega, but this A.I. version is my idea (until i'm proven otherwise)
Coffee is my idea

Edit (May 20th, 2012): I changed one part of Coffee's bio.
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